Kenyan Enhanced Empowerment Program (KEEP)

Kenyan Enhanced Empowerment Program

The Love Button Global Movement shares its love in many ways, including providing people with opportunities that empower them.

Through the Kenyan Enhanced Empowerment Program (K.E.E.P.) we’re sponsoring the education of seven young women at accredited boarding schools in Nairobi, Kenya to help them achieve independence, food security, and break the cycle of poverty that affects tens of millions in East Africa.

Love Button Global Movement
is Sponsoring the Education of these Young Women

Year: Form 2

Elsy is 16 years old and in Form 2, looking to graduate in 2018. Elsy’s Mom died when she was in class 8 and her Dad passed away just last year. Elsy and her younger sister stay with their Grandfather in Maralal. Elsy’s favourite subjects are science and history and she wishes to study either Medicine or Law.

Year: Form 1

Mercy is 15 years old in Form 1, looking to graduate in 2019. She is the second born of 6 children and her mother is a struggling widow. Mercy is getting excellent grades and wants nothing more than to finish high school. She would love to become a nurse or a teacher and give back to her community in Samburu.

Year: Form 1

Namusi is 15 years old and in Form 1, looking to graduate in 2019. Namusi is a total orphan and stays with different families on school break. She has been walking from village to village, door knocking trying to raise funds for her education. Namusi would love to become a nurse and help women within her community.

Year: Form 4

Ruth is 18 and in Form 4, where she is in the top of her class. Despite always being a promising student, after 5 terms of unpaid school fees, she was forced to drop out. Because she no longer had the promise of education, just days later her extended family arranged for her to be ‘cut’ (undergo Female Genital Mutilation) and married to a man 3 times her age. A local community leader learned of Ruth’s fate and thankfully was able to help her return to school. Ruth hopes to be a doctor and an activist for the end of Female Genital Mutilation and violence against women in her country.

Year: Form 1

Rael is from Garma Village in Samburu County. Her mother is a widow and she is the 5th born of 8 children. Rael is 15 years old and about to finish Form 1. None of her siblings have finished high school but Rael is determined to be the first in her family to get an education. She is on of the brightest in her class and wants to get into medicine.

Year: Form 1

Suki is 14 years old and in Form 1, looking to graduate in 2019. Suki  is from a very traditional and remote village in Samburu County. The second born of 5 children her mother, a widow, never went to school but would love nothing more than to see Suki finish High School. Suki is very bright and loves Science. She wants to study either medicine or engineering.

Year: Form 3

Lucy is in Form 3 and she will graduate next year in 2017. Lucy’s parents died a long time ago and she has been relying on her community to fundraise for her education, but this year she has fallen far behind in her school fees. The principal of her school said she is the top of her class and shows incredible promise, which is why she hasn’t been sent home for unpaid fees. Lucy loves mathematics and science and wants to become a doctor.

Our Next Sponsored Girl
Year: To Be Determined

With your support we can continue sponsoring the education of more young women to help them achieve independence and break the cycle of poverty that affects tens of millions in East Africa.

Why We Got Involved
Seeing the Opportunity in Education Support


Overcoming Adversity

Without a proper education, most women in Kenya are forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) and adolescent marriage in order to receive social support of any kind. Those brave enough to refuse such horrors are usually rejected by their families and communities, which often leaves them no choice but to take up a life of prostitution in order to survive.

Healing a Country Through Education

Education is the key factor that allows these girls their only opportunity to escape this dark reality. In light of this challenge, The Love Button Global Movement has committed not only to financing the primary education of these brave and courageous women, but their college education, as well.

Those who complete their secondary education at select boarding schools in Kenya and choose to pursue a career in medicine attend Claremont Colleges and Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA where they complete the fast track Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Osteopathy Program. After a residency in family practice with an emphasis in obstetrics and gynecology, they return to Kenya to begin their medical practice and the journey of healing their country.


The Possibility of a New Future

By educating these initial young women, we hope to inspire many others to pursue a similar path. It is our intention that these successful young ladies become the catalysts for the social change that Kenya and other African nations so desperately need. Our commitment is meant to inspire young women to see the possibility of a new future and ignite in them the spark of ambition to realize it.

Please help us support the catalysts for social change that Kenya and other African nations so desperately need.