Surgeon and Medical Team Perform Loving Surgery on Conjoined Twins

By in Love Heals, Love Overcomes

Love and courage accompanied lead surgeon Dr. James Goodrich and his team on a 27-hour surgery where they were tasked to separate conjoined twins Anias and Jadon. Just six weeks after the surgery that separated them, the twin boys, now 14 months old, will move to a rehabilitation facility. According to Dr. Goodrich, this is historically speaking the fastest recovery by separated conjoined twins ever. Dr. Goodrich is the leading expert on conjoined twins, and this was his seventh craniopagus operation. Just hours into the operation, he considered stopping because of the complexity of the intertwined brains.

Jadon was the more dominant child while the twins were still connected. His heart and lungs had to do double the work in order to keep both boys alive. His recovery, therefore, is easier. Because Anias was the non-dominant child, his recovery is more of a challenge, as he has to learn how to breathe and eat on his own. Though they have never crawled or even lifted their heads like typical 1-year-olds, the surgical team believes the boys show promise in their recovery. There is a long journey ahead for these young fighters and their parents, but thanks to the love shown by the medical team at Children’s Hospital at Montifiore Medical Center in the Bronx, they are well on their way to recovery… because Love Heals!

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