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  • Love Button Global Movement Buttons

    Assorted Love Buttons

    Ready to get your hands on some love buttons? with our 10, 25 or 100 pack of buttons, you can express your love button inspirations, share your love buttons or spread them to others who need a reminder. FREE Bumper Sticker Included in every package.

    Which Love Button Package Fits You?

  • Love Flag and Button Bundles 1

    Love Flag and Button Bundles

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    You asked for it and now you got it. A sweet bundle with our official Love Button Global Movement Love Flag (now offered in 2 sizes), combined with various packs of Love Buttons for you, or for you AND someone special who may need a little extra Love. You and your lucky gift recipient will be supporting a wonderful movement while spreading the most important message that humanity needs right now. LOVE.

    Choose from three options:

    1. Little Bit of Love - 1 x Small Flag and 1 x 10-Pack of Buttons
    2. Whole Lotta Love - 1 x Large Flag and 1 x 25-Pack of Buttons
    3. Mega Love Bundle - 1 x Large Flag, 1 x Small Flag, and 1 x 100-Pack of Love Buttons

    Small: 36 inch (width) x 24 inch (height) Large: 60 inch (width) x 36 inch (height)

    All proceeds from your purchase of Love Buttons and Love Button products goes toward helping various humanitarian organizations around the world. Learn More