Love Button Sticker Sheet

Love Button Sticker Sheet

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9.75″ x 6″ Sheet of Official Love Stickers

Created based on demands from Love Button supporters, this jam-packed Love Button Sticker Sheet includes 6 official Love button logo stickers with the identical colors of our super popular buttons. In addition it contains a die cut sticker of our unique social media hashtag #PauseAndLove. Express your love by placing these stickers on your favorite device, window, mirror, and other surfaces where love is needed.

Proceeds from your purchase of Love Buttons and Love Button products go toward helping various humanitarian organizations around the world. Learn More

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Thanks to our Love Button supporters, we are pleased to reveal the new & improved official Love Button Sticker Sheet!

The 9.75 x 6 inch originally designed sheet includes six official Love Button logo stickers matching the colors of our popular Buttons. The sticker sheet also contains one die cut sticker of our distinctive social media hashtag #PauseAndLove. These stickers are guaranteed to make any surface at least 20% more loving.

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Dimensions 1.25 × 9.7 × 6.05 in


  1. love them , will purchase again !!!

  2. I have been looking for those stickers for long time ago, and i love it. Those are perfect, beautiful.

  3. Great quality stickers!

  4. Love the stickers but wished they were in single packs so I could give them to lots of people without cutting up a sheet!

  5. Love sticking these everywhere! Very well-made.. want more already

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