Love Button Programs

We work to usher in loving in places where human beings and all life need to be supported, integrated, unified, and uplifted most.

Love Button Global Movement

Love Button provides services to people in need through a wide range of educational and direct service outreach programs.

Love Button Educational Programs

Educational Interventions

Our educational conferences and workshops focus on fostering healthy relationships of all kinds because that’s where the opportunity to share our love exists. These events enhance unity and self-conscious expression, while promoting love within ourselves and for others. Our current educational programs include:

  • Integrative Medicine Research & Outreach
  • Path to Conscious Loving Workshops
  • Love Button Lecture Series @ Cal-poly Pomona
  • Whole Child Initiative
Love Button Outreach Programs

Direct Service Outreach

Our direct service outreach programs include events we conduct locally as well as collaborations with national and international nonprofit organizations. The projects we choose and the organizations we partner with vary depending on where the need is greatest. Our current outreach programs include:

  • Baskets of Gratitude
  • Love World Tour with Coldplay & Global Citizen
  • Mondays at the Mission
  • Beach Clean Up

Recent Love Victories

Through our world tour with Coldplay, our baskets of gratitude outreach program, The Whole-Child Initiative, Art of Loving workshops, and many more acts of service, we work to strengthen and cultivate a more loving, connected, and peaceful world.

Love Button World Tour
Love Button X Coldplay

We joined forces with Global Citizen on Coldplay’s world tour, to help local organizations in each city.

Baskets of Gratitude

At each event we package and distribute baskets full of essential items for children and families in need.

Love Button and Dudamel Foundation
Love Button X Dudamel Foundation

A Love Button taught workshop about he importance of love and how to impact the soul of the music.


Love Button promotes love, service, and kindness for individuals, communities, organizations, and our planet through philanthropy, volunteerism, and kind-hearted deeds.

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