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Why do you wear Love Buttons?

The Love Button is a symbol that reminds us that love is a choice. Each time we choose love and share it with others, we transform ourselves and the world around us. Love is also energy. Each time we put more loving energy into the world, we change it, ever so slightly, for the better.

How does the idea of loving energy work?

Loving energy can actually be measured as it transfers from one person to another. Research from the Institute of HeartMath shows the electromagnetic field emitted by the heart is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. Naturally, when we direct this kind of love inward toward ourselves, healing happens. When we direct it outward toward others, we achieve healing in our world, also known as peace.

How can something as simple as a button make real change?

Nothing new is created until there is a conversation. When you realize that change needs to happen in your life, you sit down and have a conversation with yourself. When anything needs to be created, people come together and there is a conversation first. Our intention is that the Love Button becomes a symbol that starts a conversation about choosing love, reminds people of their interconnectedness and moves them to act in more loving ways toward one another.

Where have Love Buttons made the most profound impact so far?

The most profound effect is the one-on-one connection that’s felt the moment we reach out to someone else with our love: the look in a homeless man’s eyes when he receives a blanket, the smile you get after trading seats so two friends can sit together on an airplane. It’s the reminder of what we’ve always known deep in our hearts, that we are part of something far greater than ourselves, and it is our privilege to magnify it in how we choose to live.

Who are you trying to reach with Love Buttons (that you might not have yet)?

Love Button’s presence as a part of Coldplay’s half-time show at Super Bowl 50 touched millions across every demographic, but we’ve got to keep our visibility high and broad if we intend to facilitate a more conscious change in our world through Love.

What do you hope Love Button will achieve?

Love Button’s goal is a more cohesive planet where people truly understand their connectedness. It’s the spirit of Namaste, which basically means that I recognize the place in you where we are both one. When I see myself in you and know that on the level of consciousness we are connected, then why would I ever want do anything that would harm you?

How do small gestures of kindness make a difference on the large scale?

Before anything can change on a physical level, there must first be a change in consciousness. Before you make a change in your personal life, you’ve got to first get fed up enough to actually do the work to make it happen. Change doesn’t happen any other way. A small act of Love toward someone creates a profound shift in their consciousness, as well as that of the giver. When multiplied millions or billions of times, we will literally change our world into a more loving environment, where the problems we deal with today are no longer present. This isn’t philosophy or a Pollyanna platitude, this idea is backed by real science.

What do you mean by a small act of kindness?

It doesn’t have to be complicated. You could give someone your place in the grocery store checkout line, let another car have that prime parking space, put quarters in someone’s parking meter and leave a note and the Love Button on the windshield, rake leaves or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor, buy a gift card and give it away, talk to the guy at the party who looks out of place, invite someone who lives alone over for dinner, buy a homeless person a sandwich, send a Love Button in a real card with a handwritten note to someone you love for no reason, give someone else your seat on the subway, offer to help with someone’s home improvement project, hold the door open for someone behind you, compliment someone, express your appreciation for the service you received from a waiter, cashier or clerk, or give away something you don’t need to someone you know who needs it. The possibilities are endless.

Is there science behind the impact of small acts?

Yes. The scientific principle called the Law of Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions says that regardless of how complex a situation may be, the mechanism that can affect the greatest change requires the least amount of effort. If carried out consistently over time, this tiny change will result in a widely different outcome. For example, if the navigation of a ship travelling from New York to France is off by even one degree, the compounding difference of that alteration over time will lead the ship hundreds of miles off course. The effect of a slight change by lots of people to a more loving state of being over time will certainly change the world. We’re all overwhelmed by the world’s problems, but to fix them we don’t have to attack them all at once at the national or international level, nor should we. Science tells us we need only act individually to facilitate change globally.

If small acts matter, what can I do now?

Starting with an act of Love, no matter how small, results in thousands upon thousands of electromagnetic love frequencies being released on the planet. We’re asking you to PAUSE AND LOVE (PAL).

  1. Stop the craziness of life in any single moment.
  2. Turn off your digital devices.
  3. Go out into the world and make a loving connection with someone.
  4. Give them a Love Button to help them pay it forward.

How can I be loving when I’m not really feeling it in the moment?

You can’t give what you don’t have, and we all feel that way at times. The primary relationship you have, the only one that lasts your entire life, is the one you have with yourself. When we are kind to ourselves with our inner talk and make it a priority to do the things we love, we fill ourselves up with love to overflowing. Only then can we have enough to give to everyone else.

How can I get involved with Love Button?

You can get involved in any of these ways:

  1. Support your Love Button movement by donating here
  2. Give Love Buttons, buy here
  3. Find opportunities wherever you are to give someone kindness and love, even if the person never knows what you’ve done. You might be shopping, notice fallen items on the floor and put them back. The night clerk may never know the loving action you took on their behalf, but that action puts loving energy into the world—and that makes a difference.

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What payment security do you have?

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