Assorted Love Buttons

Assorted Love Buttons


Ready to get your hands on some love buttons? with our 10, 25 or 100 pack of buttons, you can express your love button inspirations, share your love buttons or spread them to others who need a reminder.

FREE Bumper Sticker Included in every package.

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      Okay, this is where the rubber meets the road.

      Now it’s time to get out there and use what you’ve learned.

      It’s time to spread the love. You can do that all by yourself and you is all you need. Becoming a PAL and spreading your love to others is free. That’s the best part about it. Still, there’s a way that PAL-ing around can be even more fun. Is that even possible, considering how great it’s going to feel giving and getting all that love? Yes, it is!

      At, we’ve created a special love button (get it?) that you can give to everyone you reach out to with your love. Isn’t that cool? You can give it to your grandma after you kiss her or leave it anonymously on someone’s windshield after you secretly put a quarter in their parking meter that’s about to run out. The idea is to remind people that what you’ve done for them isn’t just something nice. It’s an act of LOVE. They have been loved and now they can pay it forward, too.

      Love is the gift that keeps giving and the button is the reminder to do just that.

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       10-Pack: Express the Love,  25-Pack: Share the Love, 100-Pack: Spread the Love