Educational Interventions


Educational Interventions

Our educational conferences and workshops focus on fostering healthy relationships of all kinds because that’s where the opportunity to share our love exists.

We are committed to making a positive impact around the globe with our partnerships.

We believe that by partnering with schools, community-based organizations, research institutions, and more that we can help improve educational outcomes for students.

  • Public Conferences

    Public awareness conferences for physical and mental health.

  • Whole Child Initiative

    Whole child initiative (grades 1-12) for self-esteem and empowerment.

  • Well-being Curriculum

    Emotional well-being curriculum for schools.

  • Parenting Workshops

    Parenting workshops to foster compassion and patience.

  • Patient Care Seminars

    Compassionate patient care seminars for medical students.

Our Educational Intervention Campaigns

These Love Button events and workshops enhance unity and self-conscious expression, while promoting love within ourselves and for others.

Love Button Integrative Medicine Research & Outreach

Integrative Medicine Research & Outreach

Improving overall patient wellness and healing outcomes through enhanced delivery of physician services, refined doctor-patient interactions, and an enriched patient experience. We believe love, compassion, and empathy are essential character components for the most successful physicians.

Art of Loving Campaign

Path to Conscious Loving Workshops

Workshops to uplift lives of our human family by emphasizing the importance of love and inner spaciousness to cultivate loving, acts of kindness, self care, and emotional wellness.

Love Button at Cal Poly Pomona

The Love Button Lecture Series at Cal-poly Pomona

Supports the psycho-social needs and emotional well being of university students. Includes conversation about emotional and mental health, diversity, acceptance, and breaking generational cycles.

Love Button's Whole Child Initiative

Whole Child Initiative

Enrichment classes for children in grades 1-12 to help promote self-esteem and empowerment.

Organizations We've Partnered With

Love Button Makes an Impact

Our direct service outreach programs include those we conduct locally, as well as collaborations with national and international nonprofit organizations.

Love Button Programs


Love Button works to usher in loving in places where human beings and all life need to be supported, integrated, unified, and uplifted most.

Love Button About Us

About Love Button

Love Button is an intentional community coming together to awaken people to the power of transforming the world with their love.

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