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  • #pauseandlove Love Button Global Movement

    What is the Love Button Global Movement all about?

    Love is about connecting with that which moves us, which touches us, to take a stand.

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  • Teaching love and acceptance

    Teacher starts each day working on teaching love and acceptance for every kid

    Chris Ulmer, a teacher at Mainspring Academy in Jacksonville, Florida, starts each school day with a very valuable lesson for his students.

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  • Address Homelessness

    Organization Makes Largest Philanthropic Contribution Ever To Address Homelessness

    A San Francisco-based nonprofit has pledged to raise $100 million to reduce chronic homelessness in a city widely known for sidewalk tent encampments amid multi-million dollar homes.

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  • Paramedic saves doctor’s life 30 years after doctor saved him

    OC paramedic helps rescue doctor who saved his life as baby; pair reunited.

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  • Video Shows People Need to Learn to Love Themselves Like They Love Everyone Else

    When asked what it is they love about themselves, these men, women, and children were surprised to find that they couldn’t find an answer.

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  • Shining a Light on the Dark Times

    A reminder to people that you have a choice to move forward in a loving mindset.

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  • Choosing Love & Sacrifice in Today’s Cell Phone Culture

    Camera phone culture leaves us disempowered and deactivated.

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  • Medical Team Perform Loving Surgery

    Surgeon and Medical Team Perform Loving Surgery on Conjoined Twins

    Love and courage accompanied lead surgeon Dr. James Goodrich and his team on a 27-hour surgery where they were tasked to separate conjoined twins Anias and Jadon.

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  • Hateful Message to Muslim Family Inspires Huge Acts of Love

    Hateful Message to Muslim Family Inspires Huge Acts of Love

    Oftentimes it unfortunately takes an act of hate to showcase the true power of loving one another. A family from Iowa learned this the hard way.

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  • Loving Response to the Global Refugee Crisis

    The Netherlands’ Loving Response to the Global Refugee Crisis

    Sometimes terrible events occur that demand loving responses. The refugee crisis is one example of this.

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  • Display Your Love with a Love Button Prayer Flag

    Show the world your dedication to changing the world with love by proudly displaying a Love Button Prayer flag.

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  • Loving Students Surprise Teachers' Daughter

    Loving Students Surprise Teacher’s Daughter

    High school students at Gallatin High School showed a special kind of love to the daughter of their teacher.

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