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  • Oct052018
    community garden feeding those in need

    Community Garden Feeds Those In Need

    A community in Eau Claire, Wisconsin took it upon themselves to give healthy meals for those without any access.

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  • Oct052018
    Parenting Workshop

    Parenting Workshop: Conscious Parent, Vibrant Child

    Please join us on October 13th for a whole kid workshop with rarely talked about topics that make a difference in the life of our children.

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  • Sep232018
    Famous Relationships

    Better Together: Famous relationships that enhanced each other’s life and work

    We’re here to celebrate some of the other great famous relationships from history, the ones that while not ending in tragedy didn’t always catch the eye of Hollywood or end…

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  • Sep232018

    $100,000 Raised At Car Auction For Family

    An emotional bidding war occurred at an auction in Albera, Canada when an auctioneer told the crowd why a car was being sold.

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  • Sep052018
    Underprivileged Children

    Singaporean Grad Dedicates Life to Underprivileged Children

    For most of his life, Daryl Tay imagined a more traditional path for himself. Everything was set, until he volunteered in Thailand after his college graduation.

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  • Aug282018

    Live Benefit Concert with Fanna-Fi-Allah for Love Button Global Movement

    The Love Button Global Movement is pleased to announce a live benefit concert, featuring the music of Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali Ensemble on October 2 at the Eli and Edythe Broad…

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  • Aug202018

    Love Button Featured at Couple’s Wedding

    On June 2nd, 2018, Alyssa & Thomas Burlingame got married outside Ithaca, NY, the same place they fell in love and had been dating for many months. Their wedding was…

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  • Aug142018
    hysterical strength

    Love as a Superpower

    Can love infuse us with super strength in emergencies?

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  • Aug072018
    Clerk Pays School Fees

    Clerk Pays School Fees of 45 Girls

    A clerk named Mr. Basavaraj from Karnataka, a state in southwest India, turned his grief into loving action last month.

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  • Jul232018

    Double The Love

    We often hear about the special connection twins have in their relationships with each other.

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  • Jul192018

    Love Button Announces Fundraising Campaign #GiveLoveCampaign

    The Love Button Global Movement announced an ambitious vision to launch new programs at the recent retreat in Los Angeles, Calif.

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  • Jul172018
    Worthy of Love

    “Worthy of Love” Throws Parties For Homeless Kids

    Ever since January 2013, Mary Davis and her husband Ari Kadin have been throwing birthday parties for homeless children in Los Angeles.

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  • Jul062018
    50 yard challenge

    50 Yard Challenge For Those In Need

    In early 2016 Rodney Smith was driving when he noticed a man struggling to mow his lawn. Smith got out and helped the gentleman, not realizing it was the start…

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  • Jun192018

    Love Button Joins Forces With ThinkGive

    Love Button Global Movement is pleased to support ThinkGive, a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire young people to use kindness to engage with their world.

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  • Jun192018
    pets love us

    Do Our Pets Love Us?

    Most of us believe our pets experience emotions. We believe they love us, but is that what they’re really experiencing? How can we know?

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