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  • Apr062021

    Third Grade Teacher Empowers Students With Loving Affirmations

    For the past 10 years, teacher Kate Booser has been empowering her third-grade students by reciting positive affirmations in class.

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  • Mar152021

    Our Love Affair With Food

    What makes one person exclaim, "I love that" when looking at a particular food, while another frowns in disgust?

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  • Mar032021
    A Restaurant in Central Texas is Offering Free Meals to the Community, No Questions Asked

    Restaurant in Texas Offering Free Meals

    When a major winter storm hit central Texas last February, a restaurant gave back to the community by offering free meals to anyone who asked.

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  • Feb222021
    The Symbol of Love

    The Symbol of Love

    How and when did the inverted, double teardrop we know today as a heart symbol come to represent love?

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  • Feb172021
    Love Button Ambassador Emmanuel Kelly on Coldplay's Chris Martin & His New Single

    Love Button Ambassador Emmanuel Kelly on Coldplay’s Chris Martin & His New Single

    Our friend and Love Button Ambassador Emmanuel Kelly is taking over the music scene with his new single and forthcoming album.

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  • Feb112021

    Man Buys All of Vendor’s Tamales to Give to Homeless

    One man in Chicago was driving across town one morning when he noticed a shivering vendor selling tamales in frigid winter temperatures.

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  • Jan192021
    Personal Displays of Affection: Unique ways different cultures express love

    Personal Displays of Affection

    There are some unique ways people express their love in various cultures around the world.

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  • Jan062021
    Neighborhood Surprises UPS Driver With Emotional ‘Thank You’

    Neighborhood Surprises UPS Driver With Emotional ‘Thank You’

    Anthony Gaskin is a UPS driver in Chesterfield County, Virginia. One neighborhood on Gaskin's route was especially grateful for his hard work.

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  • Dec132020
    4th Annual Baskets of Gratitude - Support In-Need Families

    SUCCESS: 4th Annual Baskets of Gratitude to Support In-Need Families

    Thanks to your help, our annual Baskets of Gratitude event will be spreading the love to families in need across Southern California.

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  • Dec022020
    Fostering Friendships

    Fostering Friendships

    As we grow older, work and other obligations leave us with less time to make new connections.

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  • Dec012020
    Anonymous Neighbor Buys New Scooter to Replace Kid’s Stolen One

    Neighbor Replaces Kid’s Stolen Scooter

    One kindhearted neighbor went out of their way to restore joy to a kid who had his scooter stolen.

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  • Nov242020
    Love in War The Christmas Truce of WWI

    Love in War

    It might not seem possible that love can exist in the midst of war or that it has the power to stop the bloodiest conflicts even for a moment, but…

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  • Nov112020
    Foster Dad Adopts 5 Siblings

    Foster Dad Adopts 5 Siblings

    As someone who spent time in foster care, Carter knows firsthand how difficult it is to be removed from home and taken from your siblings.

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  • Oct262020
    What Love Sounds Like: A mother's voice

    What Love Sounds Like

    As infants, we know that love has a particular sound, and it's the sound of our mother's voice.

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  • Oct202020
    Man Tweets ‘I Am Not Ok,’ Receives Support from Thousands of Strangers

    Man Tweets ‘I Am Not Ok,’ Receives Support from Thousands

    A recent viral tweet demonstrated how giving a little bit of love and support to someone can produce huge, life-changing results.

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