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  • Nov012022
    Love on the Job

    Love on the Job

    Because we spend one-third of our lives working, having a job we love goes a long way toward creating a life that we love.

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  • Oct202022
    Compassionate Connection: Is there really a sixth sense?

    Compassionate Connection

    Intimate couples sometimes say they're so in sync that they complete each other's sentences. Is this sixth sense for real? What's going on?

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  • Oct102022

    Domino’s Employee Goes the Extra Mile to Surprise Birthday Girl

    A worker named Miles decided to brighten up a little's girls day after her peers didn't go to her birthday party.

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  • Sep302022
    Airplane Employee Look After Passenger's Pet Fish for 4 Months

    Airplane Employee Look After Passenger’s Pet Fish for 4 Months

    When Kira Rumfola couldn't take her pet fish, Theo, on her flight back home for the summer, a Southwest employee offered to take care of Theo in her absence.

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  • Sep122022

    Hairstylist Gives 30 Kids Free Haircuts and School Supplies

    Amanda Barnett is a hairstylist in Massachusetts who gave children in struggling families back to school supplies and haircuts.

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  • Aug152022
    It's the Little Things: A List of 25 Awesome Things

    It’s the Little Things: A List of 25 Awesome Things

    There are many things that happen in our daily lives that we really love, and if we remained conscious of them more often we could share that love with others.

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  • Aug082022
    Love Button x Dudamel Foundation: the Art of Loving

    Love Button x Dudamel Foundation: Teaching the Art of Loving

    Love Button co-founders Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Sherry Sami teamed up with the Dudamel Foundation to help train young musicians on the art of loving.

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  • Aug042022

    Stranger Gives Mom a Needed Boost of Kindness

    Devon Linden takes her kids to swim practice every week, but this day was especially hard when both kids started crying.

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  • Jul182022
    Insects & Intimacy: The lifecycle of the lovebug

    Insects & Intimacy

    Parents use "love bug" with their small children because it implies a cute and cuddly creature, but did you know there really is an insect called a lovebug?

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  • Jul112022
    Text to Wrong Number Sends an Act of Kindness

    Text to Wrong Number Sends an Act of Kindness

    A couple texted their baby shower invite to the wrong number and got a gift from a kind stranger.

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  • Jun162022
    Feline Ferocity: Six cats that saved the lives of the owners who loved them

    Feline Ferocity

    Six cats that saved the lives of the owners who loved them.

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  • Jun142022
    Teacher Creates 'Kindness Crew' to Inspire Students

    Teacher Creates ‘Kindness Crew’ to Inspire Students

    One teacher in Louisville, Kentucky is teaching students the importance of being kind to others.

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  • May182022
    Role Reversal

    Role Reversal

    Caring for aging parents can improve your relationship with them.

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  • May112022

    Firefighters Across the U.S. Help Daughter Make Her Dad a Special Gift

    Alli Marios decided to start a birthday project for her dad who had recently retired from the Des Moines Fire Department.

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  • Apr202022
    An Unusual Pairing: Love Trees

    An Unusual Pairing

    Love Trees occur when two trees of different species end up growing around, through, and even within each other

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