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Love Button Global Movement

Love Button Global Movement

We’re an intentional community coming together to awaken people to the power of transforming the world with their love.

The Love Button Global Movement (Love Button) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization created to get people excited about transforming the world with their love and inspire them to do so through community-based philanthropy, volunteerism, and individual acts of kindness toward family, friends, and especially perfect strangers. Each loving interaction, no matter how small, carries the potential of changing the planet by elevating the way we think about ourselves and each other.

What We Believe

The heart of our mission is to put more love into the world.

Love is What's Missing

An absence of love is what’s at the center of the world’s biggest problems and not a lack of money, food, energy, or anything else.

Love Generates Energy

Positive loving exchanges between connected humans generate vital energy that can transform the world, one act of love at a time.

Love is Inclusive

We believe an absence of love is what’s at the center of the world’s biggest problems. Not a lack of money, food, energy, or anything else.


Why Love Buttons?

When we share our love with someone, we give them a Love Button, not just as a symbol of the loving kindness they received, but to encourage them to pay it forward and do something loving for someone else, as well. It’s a reminder of how easy it is to heal a little piece of the world right where they are. Love is a choice, and the Love Button inspires them to make that choice, too. Together, we raise the loving vibration within ourselves, our communities, and beyond. That’s how we transform the world with love.

Spreading Acts of Kindness

When we share a Love Button by giving it to another human being, we honor and acknowledge the majesty of the love within them. The positive change that unfolds when the joy of love is shared in service is immeasurable, as one small, shared act of kindness unfolds into many for the highest good of all concerned. The joy of spreading love is our strength in creating a more loving and mutually supportive world.


The Joy of Spreading Love

Creating a more loving and mutually supportive world

Spreading love globally in collaboration with Coldplay and Global Citizen.

Love Button Baskets of Gratitude

Baskets of Gratitude

Each year, our volunteers gather to package and distribute baskets of goods to support families in need.

Meet the Team

Get to know the team behind Love Button Global Movement.

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