Haircuts for the Homeless

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As former wardrobe stylist, Brennon Jones would spend some of his free time driving around the Philadelphia area with a portable tray table and hair cutting utensils.

When he saw someone standing on a street corner with a sign, he’d pull over, park the car and start a conversation. After gaining the person’s trust, Brennon would offer them a free haircut via what he called his mobile salon.

Offering free haircuts to the homeless began after Brennon encountered a homeless man on the street about a year ago that he couldn’t get out of his head. The interaction wasn’t unique in any particular way, only in that Brennon felt he’d missed the opportunity to make a difference in the man’s life by passing him by and not offering to help in some fashion.

Haircuts for the Homeless
Photo by instagram user: haircuts4homeless

One day, Sean Johnson, a Philadelphia barber, noticed Brennon cutting a homeless man’s hair on the street and offered to give him a job at one of his two barbershops. While flattered, Brennon turned him down. The next day, Johnson returned to the spot where Brennon was giving haircuts and this time, offered to give him his second barbershop so that he could have a facility of his own to serve clients. Now, Brennon is the proud owner of his own business, and his clients are as grateful as he is. Learn more about Brennon Jones and his loving acts.


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