Loving Students Surprise Teacher’s Daughter

By in Love Empowers

High school students at Gallatin High School showed a special kind of love to the daughter of their teacher. Amy Howell’s 12-year- old daughter, Gabrielle, suffers from bilateral periventricular nodular heterotopia, a rare brain disorder which causes her to mentally develop much slower than other children. Her mother’s students adore her, and decided to do something extra special to surprise her.

Gabrielle’s Christmas wish was to have her own personal school bus – just for playtime! When Jessica Smith, a student of Amy’s, heard of Gabrielle’s wish, she became determined to make it come true. She created a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to purchase and renovate a local bus that was for sale. She and a team of volunteers worked every day to revitalize it and create a fun, colorful, play-ready clubhouse. The bus was filled with colorful chairs, art supplies, curtains, and even carpeting. Jessica, her classmates, and the volunteers showed their love to an incredible teacher and her inspiring daughter in an incredible way! Love Empowers!

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