Mother Donates 92 Gallons of Breast Milk after Losing Her Own Child

By in Love Heals

After Amy Anderson lost her son, Bryson, at 20 weeks gestation, she wanted to help save other babies in his memory.  She decided to pump her breasts and provide donor breast milk that’s often used to save the lives of babies born prematurely.  Over the next eight months, Amy donated a total of 92 gallons of breast milk.  How many babies she saved will probably never be known. She now is a volunteer online for Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast (MMBNE) while working toward completing her certification as a breastfeeding consultant.

The grief of losing my son is a reflection of the love I have for him. I couldn’t give my love or milk to Bryson, as he wasn’t there in the physical sense. Yet I was able to express my love for him through expressing and donating his milk. It was very healing both physically and emotionally.

Read her amazing story here


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