What Does It Mean to Stand for Love?

What Does It Mean to Stand for Love?
January 20, 2020 Love Button Global Movement
What Does It Mean to Stand for Love?

Standing for Love is More Than Just a Feeling

At Love Button, we like to focus on the action aspect of love. Although love is often perceived as only an emotion, there are many different things you can do to demonstrate your love to people around you.

Standing up for love means to be supportive. It means to encourage someone when they need it—or even when they don’t—because it makes all the difference. Going out of your way and being kind to someone is also a great way to show your love.

For us, to stand for love means to:

  • Be friendly to even those you don’t know.
  • Be patient despite wanting to get upset.
  • Be enthusiastic in sharing your love.
  • Be honest even though the truth may hurt.
  • Be willing to help someone when they need it.
  • Be courageous in always giving.
  • Be compassionate when a person is in trouble.
  • Be hopeful that there is good in everything.
  • Be fun because love is enjoyable.
  • Be honorable to people.
  • Be genuine and never fake your intentions.
  • Be strong through tough times.
  • Be open-minded and accept everyone.
  • Be optimistic about dire situations.
  • Be happy because love is always worth celebrating.
  • Be determined to change the world.
  • Be dedicated in giving your love.
  • Be considerate and put yourself in others’ shoes.
  • Be sincere in sharing your feelings.
  • Be grateful for the opportunities and blessings you have.
  • Be respectful to everyone around you.
  • Be trustworthy and never break your promises.
  • Be loving at all times.

How are you going to stand for love in 2020?

What Does It Mean to Stand for Love?
What Does It Mean to Stand for Love?


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