2nd Annual Baskets of Gratitude Recap

2nd Annual Baskets of Gratitude Recap
December 10, 2018 Love Button Global Movement
2nd Annual Baskets of Gratitude

Love Button’s 2nd Annual Baskets of Gratitude Event Gave Love to Local Underserved Children

Thank you to the Love Button family for supporting our 2nd annual Baskets of Gratitude event on November 30 in Los Angeles. Supporters of the Love Button Global Movement came together to prepare gift baskets for local underserved children. Love Button was joined by the Hearts Giving Hope Foundation and Present Parent, Vibrant Child nonprofit organizations to assemble the gift baskets. The baskets were filled with blankets, sweatshirts, toys, school supplies, books, and toiletries generously donated by Love Button supporters in anticipation of the holiday season. Love Button extends our deep gratitude to our supporters and volunteers for making this program a success for the children.

This gratitude program has special significance to Love Button. Dr. Sherry Sami, president of Love Button, stated, “We give gratitude to the children just for being here and adding so much to this world. Loving them is a privilege to us and this is our small token to let them know they are loved. I never forget Oprah Winfrey’s holiday story where she describes an event where someone dropped off a gift at her house that was quite empty at the time. Oprah described feeling so touch by the notion that someone in this world truly cared and she was loved.” This year’s basket program continued the loving theme of togetherness, underscored last year when musical artist Emmanuel Kelly sang the moving song, I Will Never Be Alone.

The baskets were distributed to 120 children on December 1 at the “Motel Kids” Christmas Party organized by St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange County. This annual event is organized for disadvantaged children, featuring fun activities and a special visit from Santa Claus. Attending this event was Love Button ambassador Christiane Kinney who is also the co-founder of the Hearts Giving Hope Foundation. She was joined by Jasmin Danesch, of the Love Button board of directors, who described the excitement of the children and joyously watching their faces light up as they were given the baskets. The kindness in their eyes was inspirational to Love Button. Please contact Love Button if your company is interested in offering an internship to a disadvantaged child at volunteer@lovebutton.org

The 2nd Annual Baskets of Gratitude event was initially scheduled for November 11 at 11:11 am but was compelled to be postponed due to the fires that devastated Los Angeles. Separately on December 4, Love Button held a Sharing Circle event for local survivors of the fires in service of healing of the community. This event provided an opportunity for those impacted to tell their stories, receive encouragement, and begin the healing process. Led by Sister Jenna, host of the America Meditating radio show, this special evening featured group meditation and many opportunities to share experiences through the spoken word, music, dance, poetry, and more.

Both heart centered community outreach events were held at the Be Hive of Healing, an integrative medical center nestled in the heart of Agoura Hills, California, that was magically spared by the fires that devastated the nearby areas. The Be Hive has a tradition of generously hosting Love Button community programs and events. It is Love Button’s privilege to be of service to our community. As Love Button’s ambassador Chris Martin of Coldplay has often said, “We are all in this together.”

Love Button is grateful for your compassion during the holidays and support in uplifting the lives of our human family. Please remember to #PauseAndLove and act with kindness each day. Join the Movement and show that you believe in the power of love to heal our world at www.lovebutton.org


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