Entrepreneur Spends His Day off Cleaning Tombstones

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As the business owner of his own cleaning company, Andrew Lumish has a very hectic schedule.

So, you’d think he’d spend his one day off each week relaxing, but he doesn’t. He spends it cleaning the tombstones of veterans. A self-described history buff, the Tampa, Florida man says he chooses to scrub the tombstones free of pollution residue and staining as a way to honor the contributions the veterans made to the U.S.

Veteran tombstones after being cleaned by Andrew Lumish

Since he began more than two years ago, Lumish has returned over 300 gravestones to near original condition. Depending on age and several other factors, a gravestone can take up to four months to be returned to its proper state. Lumish features a wide range of Before and After photos on his website, The Good Cemetarian, as well as information about the various service members.


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