Man Installs Swimming Pool for Children

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After 94-year-old, Keith Davison, lost his wife of 66 years to cancer, the grief was nearly unbearable.

“You just can’t imagine what it’s like,” Davison told Channel 5 KSDK, in Morris, Minnesota.

In order to bring some joy and life back into his home, Davison installed a swimming pool in his backyard for all the children in the neighborhood to use.

Kids swim in Keith Davidson's pool

As much as they enjoy jumping off the diving board and playing water polo, Davison insists the children and their parents aren’t the only ones having fun. He thoroughly enjoys the exuberance they bring to his home as he smiles at their amusements from under a shade tree nearby. He even sneaks in lap or two of his own after everyone has gone home. While he admits it doesn’t make much financial sense for someone his age to invest in a swimming pool, Davison insists the money has been well spent based on the benefits he receives in return.


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