Spreading Love Through Sports: Our Unforgettable Experience in Copenhagen

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Love Button’s World Tour: Spreading Love Through Sports and Community Support in Copenhagen, Denmark

During our incredible World Tour journey with Coldplay, we made a stop in the charming city of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our main agenda was to collaborate with several inspiring non-profit organizations and extend our support to the local community. One of the remarkable organizations we had the pleasure of working with was For a New Tomorrow (FANT).

Discovering the Power of FANT

FANT, short for For a New Tomorrow, employs the power of sports to transform individuals, societies, and the world at large. This sports club goes beyond being just a sports organization; it acts as a catalyst for social change and assumes the utmost responsibility towards enhancing the lives of local communities. FANT not only provides the youth with positive role models, but also imparts crucial lessons on human rights, women’s rights, and other essential principles.

A Day Filled with Joy and Inspiration

Our team of Love Button volunteers was fortunate to have an unforgettable experience during our visit to FANT. We had the pleasure of joining forces with the Sierra Leone Flying Stars Amputees team, where we spent a fun day playing soccer together. We were also joined by professional players with physical disabilities who not only showcased their remarkable skills but also served as true inspirations to the younger players.

The professional players, including the extraordinary Mohamed Lappia, Chernow Shaw, and Mohamed Jalloh, provided far more than just a soccer lesson. They exemplified what it truly means to be passionate and compassionate individuals. They reaffirmed the universal language of love and unity that love transcends all barriers.

Our time spent with FANT was a wonderful experience that touched our hearts in profound ways. We witnessed firsthand the lasting impact that sport, combined with love and compassion, can have on individuals and communities. As we continue on our World Tour, we carry with us the valuable lessons learned from FANT and the unwavering belief that spreading love in any form can truly make a positive difference in the world.


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