Love Button’s 2023 World Tour with Coldplay and Global Citizen

Love Button’s 2023 World Tour with Coldplay and Global Citizen
May 15, 2023 Love Button Global Movement

Love Button is Back on the Road with Global Citizen for Coldplay’s 2023 Music of the Spheres World Tour

Last year, Love Button partnered with Global Citizen and joined Coldplay on their 2022 Music of the Spheres world tour to work with different local non-profits in each city. With the new 2023 tour leg in full swing, we’re excited to be back on the road with the band to help improve other communities and inspire people to make a loving impact through acts of kindness and service.

The Love Button Global Movement has now expanded into a massive global phenomenon with a clear message: loving is service, and service is loving. Its call to action inspires people to create positive changes across the world. With Coldplay and Global Citizen’s support, cities worldwide have already begun to feel the movement’s positive impact.

In 2022, we had the privilege of working with non-profits like TECHO, Banco de Alimentos, Social Works, Serve the City, and others across multiple continents. Our volunteers have helped build community centers, fed thousands of people in need, provided families with access to water, and so much more. We’re proud of what everyone has accomplished, and are grateful for anyone who has taken the time to work with us to provide for our human family.

Our 2023 journey will take us to many new different countries like Spain, Sweden, Japan, and Canada. We plan to work with a wide-range of different non-profits that are changing the lives of the people in their communities.

If you’re interested in volunteering with us at one of our stops, please fill out our form for a chance to join us!

Love Button on Tour with Coldplay and Global Citizen
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