Man Completing 143 Acts of Kindness in 40 Days

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Man Making the World a Better Place By Completing 143 Acts of Kindness in 40 Days

A man in Cincinnati named Kevin Bonecutter is determined to make the world a better place through kindness. His goal? To carry out an impressive 143 acts of kindness within just 40 days.

“The moment you begin radiating kindness and actively strive to make your community better, you start to notice opportunities everywhere. Suddenly, you can’t just drive past them anymore,” Bonecutter explained to WKRC.

His journey started on June 1st when he completed his first act of kindness. Since then, he’s been cutting grass at vacant properties and businesses, picking up litter, distributing free food and snacks on the West Side, raising money for pediatric brain tumor research, and assisting the elderly every way he can.

“I was driving down the street, it was pouring down rain and there was an elderly man walking with a walker,” Bonecutter said. “I pulled over and had the opportunity to drive him to the store and home. It’s been a great opportunity to meet and engage with the community.”

Bonecutter started his goal because he noticed a median triangle at a crossroad that was overgrown with with tall grass, cluttered with garbage, and marked by a battered bush. He decided to take matters into his own hands by trimming down the area and cleaning it up. The happiness he experienced from his hard work inspired him to extend his idea that has now become a beacon of positivity.

Why is he specifically doing 143 acts of kindness? Bonecutter was inspired by one of his heroes, Mr. Rogers, an American television host who spread kindness and love in an educational children’s program called Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. Bonecutter appreciated the way Mr. Rogers would say ‘I love you,’ and each digit in 143 corresponds to the number of letters in the respective word.

“I’m here to ignite a wave of positivity through these 143 acts of kindness, inspiring others to join in and create a ripple effect of goodwill,” he said. “With so much negativity around, let’s initiate positive ripples and see how far they can travel.”

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