Teacher Takes to the Streets to Educate Students

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Teacher Breaks Education Barrier by Teaching Students from the Streets

David Teliz Martínez, an unwavering educator in Guerrero, Mexico, embarks on a mission to reach underserved communities, equipped with a black speaker strapped to his motorcycle. The city of Chilpancingo de los Bravo, where Teliz operates, grapples with a 14.5% educational lag in its population. Teliz, a graduate of the Autonomous University of Guerrero, left his university career behind at 26 to join the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA) as an educational technician, driven by the desire to make education accessible.

Now 56 and a permanent INEA program teacher for 30 years, Teliz dedicates himself to individuals over 15 seeking to complete elementary or middle school education. From his initial years visiting rural communities to coordinating activities at community centers in Chilpancingo de los Bravo, Teliz tirelessly promotes education, even going beyond his official responsibilities.

With an annual goal of enrolling 200 students, Teliz employs creative strategies, from door-to-door visits to collaborating with local businesses and university radio stations. His resourcefulness and commitment have earned him recognition as one of the state’s top employees, showcasing his dedication to the cause.

Teliz’s journey involves overcoming challenges, such as the breakdown of his official vehicle, leading to the innovative use of a small speaker to amplify his message in communities. His perseverance extends to a personal project — the Center for Education, Art, and Culture — aiming to create a holistic educational space for the community.

Despite the hurdles, Teliz has recruited approximately 5,600 students since 1993, maintaining his persistence to surpass annual enrollment goals. His impact is evident in stories like Manuel Rojas Castro and Roberto Núñez Gómez, highlighting that education is a lifelong journey for individuals of all ages.

As Teliz prepares for retirement in two years, he remains committed, initiating a master’s degree program in philosophy and literature. His legacy transcends numbers, reflecting the transformative power of education in the lives of students and the broader community in Guerrero.

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