Mother Gets Unexpected Delivery from HVAC Company

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Mother Lindsay Pualoa Receives an Unexpected Delivery From HVAC Company for Her Sick Son AJ

When Lindsay Pualoa’s son, AJ, fell sick overnight, she had to cancel her appointment the next day with an HVAC company that was set to send a repairman to her house to checkout her air conditioning system for problems. Realizing that she wasn’t giving anywhere near the required 24-hour notice of her cancellation, Lindsay apologized profusely to the HVAC representative on the phone, but insisted that her full attention needed to be on AJ, who’s condition worsened by morning.

An hour later, Lindsay’s doorbell rang. There stood a delivery man with an arrangement of flowers for Lindsay from AllTech services. The card assured her that there would be no charge for the late cancellation and that they wished AJ a full and speedy recovery.

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Mother Gets Unexpected Delivery
Photo: Flowers/Credit: The Burn


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