Assorted Love Buttons

Assorted Love Buttons

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Choose from 1.25″ safety pin or magnetic style Love Buttons and let your love shine.

Ready to get your hands on some Love Buttons? With our 10, 25 or 100 pack of buttons, you can express your Love Button inspirations, share your Love Buttons or spread them to others who need a reminder. Proceeds from the Love Buttons support our loving mission fulfillment. Learn more »

* Please note that every pack contains a variety of Love Button colors. We do our best to distribute them evenly but from time to time certain packs may not contain every single color.


Love is the gift that keeps giving and the button is the reminder to do just that.

It’s time to spread the love. You can do that all by yourself and you is all you need. The Love Button Global Movement is a non-profit organization that promotes a culture of love by inspiring our human family to act with loving kindness in our daily lives. Wear the Love Button to show you believe in love and its power to transform our world.

At, we’ve created a special love button (get it?) that you can give to everyone you reach out to with your love. Isn’t that cool? You can give it to your grandma after you kiss her or leave it anonymously on someone’s windshield after you secretly put a quarter in their parking meter that’s about to run out. The idea is to remind people that what you’ve done for them isn’t just something nice. It’s an act of LOVE. They have been loved and now they can pay it forward, too.

* Please note that every pack contains a variety of love button colors. We do our best to distribute them evenly but from time to time certain packs may not contain every single color.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts – Not for children under 3 yrs.

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10-Pack of Buttons (Safety Pin), 25-Pack of Buttons (Safety Pin), 100-Pack of Buttons (Safety Pin), 10-Pack of Buttons (Magnetic) , 25-Pack of Buttons (Magnetic), 100-Pack of Buttons (Magnetic)


  1. Love them!!

  2. I’m always giving these to folks – cashiers, SA bell ringers, – there are just so many opportunities! I do wish you would add more information about your programs. I can’t memorize all of it and I do get so many questions. A neighbor of mine teaches Sunday School and her lesson was on love – so I gave her enough buttons to give to the class. 12-13 years old. They loved them. Spread the love.

  3. I am having such a good time giving people these buttons. Brings a smile to people’s face every time.

  4. I love my order of LoVe buttons!! I’ve been spreading the LoVe everywhere handing them out… So much fun! And people are happy to receive them!


  6. I can’t imagine to go out without a bunch of love buttons in my bag. I tag a few onto my pant legs and as I meet kind people, I take one off and hand it out. it has given me so many wonderful moments of brief connection, all in the spirit of love. people’s faces light up when they see this little love button. this is one of the most wonderful, simple ways to increase the vibration of love in the world.

  7. I LOVE these magnetic buttons. I carry them in my purse and give share them with folks in some of the most unusual situations. Like the man ringing the bell at the SA kettle outside Walgreens. And when I came out after shopping he had a big smile on his face and pointed to his button. I wish that there were more ‘inserts’ with each order. I am asked about the organization but at an advanced age admit that I haven’t committed to memory all of the wonderful things this organization does. More inserts would help. When I showed the insert to a lady she put it in her purse, thanked me, and walked away.

  8. This is my second order and the quality is always top notch. We’ve order the pins and the magnetic ones and they are both great. The shipping was super fast, especially considering I ordered right around Cyber Monday. We distributed them with our teachers gifts this year; our sons always carry love with them on their backpacks and we decided to spread it all around! The extras I always keep on hand so I can spread the love! ❤️

  9. Love my love buttons especially the magnetic ones!! Spread love wherever you go!!!

  10. Great quality and the perfect reminder every day to spread love!! Love what it stands for and all the amazing things Love Button does.

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