Stephen William Tanner Wins Super Soul Award

By in Features, Love Button In Action established the Super Soul Award to honor those who, through their acts of love, inspire others to overcome great challenges or achieve great things.

The 2016 Love Button Super Soul Award was recently bestowed upon Stephen William Tanner.  In 1988, Tanner, a music teacher in London, purchased electronic keyboards for 11 children who showed promise but didn’t have the means to express themselves musically.  One of those students was 11-year-old, Chris Martin, lead singer of the rock group, Coldplay.  Over the years, Tanner provided much musical education and guidance for Martin, becoming a strong influence on his musicianship.  Today, Martin attributes much of his musicality and success to the years of time and attention Tanner was willing to give.

The award is inscribed with a statement of gratitude from Martin that reads:

To my powerful music teacher:  When I was 11, you purchased 11 electronic keyboards that opened up new possibilities unto my life.  I am forever grateful. In Light & Loving, Chris Martin and 

Super Soul Award Love Button Group Photo

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