UPS Driver Puts Out House Fire

By in Love Empowers

When UPS driver Paul Pereira, pulled up to a house in Haverhill, MA he was only expecting to deliver a package, not a life-saving effort, but that’s what ended up happening.  While parked on the curb, Pereira noticed the porch of the house had caught fire.  Running up to front door, he knocked frantically to alert anyone who might be home.  Brian Lavender and his entire family were indeed home and couldn’t believe their eyes.  Later, he shared that the family thought the smell of smoke was coming from a neighbor grilling food.

While Lavender evacuated his family, Pereira used a garden hose to extinguish the flames even before the fire department arrived.  It wasn’t until after the ordeal when we viewed the incident on a bystander’s cell phone that Pereira realized how large the flames were and how dangerous the situation had become.  Neighbors were insistent that had Pereira not been there, the porch was within minutes of being engulfed.




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