Woman Gifts Compliment Jars Anonymously to Loved Ones

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Woman Anonymously Gifts Dozens of Compliment Jars Full of Notes of Praise to Loved Ones

After a rough 2020, Kimberly Wybenga wanted to give some extra love to her family and friends. She wanted to brighten their day and thought to herself, “who doesn’t love a compliment?”

Wybenga bought 10 small jars for 10 friends and filled each jar with compliments. She picked friends she thought needed a dose of happiness and made sure each note inside was catered to whoever the jar was for.

Woman Gifts Compliment Jars Anonymously to Loved Ones
Handwritten Compliments / Credit: Kimberly Wybenga

After finishing, she realized just how much joy it brought her to tell people in her life how much she loved them—so she bought 40 more jars for 40 more people.

Altogether, Wybenga wrote 1,750 compliments.

She anonymously delivered each jar to its recipient’s home, signing from “a friend” at the bottom of every card. Wybenga went so far as to disguise herself when dropping packages off just in case people had cameras. She even made sure to park around the corner or down streets so they wouldn’t see her car.

Eventually, all of Wybenga’s efforts to remain anonymous fell apart as many figured it out it was her based on the handwriting or the zip code written on box. However, that didn’t stop everyone’s joy from the thoughtful gift.

One recipient commented, “Sometimes the universe knows exactly what you need. This touched me to the core. The thoughtfulness that went into this is amazing.”

Another said, “I hope whoever did give this to me realizes just how much I needed this gift. I’ve opened it and read one when I needed it, but tonight I dumped it all out and read every single nice thing this person said about me.”

Wybenga was happy about the reception her compliment jars received, and she hopes it inspires others to spread love and kindness.

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