A Lovely Encounter With Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin

By in Love Letters

By Laura Slobin

Before last week, I only dabbled in Coldplay.  I knew their hits and would turn up my favorites when I’d hear them in the car.  I knew Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin was married to Gwyneth Paltrow, and I knew the pair recently split.  But on the night I was producing the iHeartRadio Album Release Party with Coldplay, I had no idea Chris Martin was so incredibly kind.

To properly set up this story, I need to tell you about my dad.  He’s 73 and looks like an elderly version of director Rob Reiner or health guru Dr. Andrew Weil, if, say, the good doctor replaced his vitamins with fettuccine alfredo… and if he was diagnosed with a mysterious brain disorder that ransacked his memory banks.

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Photo credit: Joseph Llanes


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