Bride Surprises Stepson at Her Wedding

By in Love Empowers

Divorce is difficult, but blending families after the fact can be even more challenging.

To show her commitment to bringing all parts of her new family together, Katie Musser surprised everyone at her wedding during the vows section by asking Casey Bender, the mother of her new four-year-old stepson, Landon, and Casey’s current husband to stand. Katie then proceeded to thank Casey for raising Landon so well and for allowing her to be a part of his life. She promised Casey that she would be the best stepmother she possibly could and committed herself to co-parenting with them in the best possible way, as one family. Katie then turned to Landon to express her gratitude for his presence in her life, how hard she would work to guide and inspire him and how excited she was to be his “bonus mommy”. You can learn more and see the wedding video here.