Homeless Orphanage Requires a New Home

Homeless Orphanage Requires a New Home
June 19, 2018 Love Button Global Movement
Homeless Orphanage

The Eugemot Orphange in Ghana Needs Your Help

At Love Button we support ‘Loving Initiatives’ and acts of human kindness. Here is a good news story full of extra-human effort and LOVE, which requires your support to complete. Eugemot orphanage in Ghana is a special place, founded by Mama Eugenia, a home for 50 plus orphaned children. Unfortunately, the funding for their current building expired leaving them all without a home. In this existing building, the orphans from ages 2 to 18 sleep in 2 bedrooms with only one outside toilet.

Lou Harvey-Zahra, Love Button ambassador and parenting author has been raising funds for this project. However, $13,500 is still required to complete the buildings and to keep the children safe. Every donation through Love Button will buy cement for the floor, wood for the windows and screws to complete this love project for our global family of children.

All donations to Love Button for this project are very much appreciated.
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Meet the Amazing Children

Homeless Orphanage
Homeless Orphanage

Priscillia is 13 years old and dreams of becoming a Doctor. She’s been at the Eugemot home for 8 years, which gives her the family she otherwise lacks and the chance to go to school. She’s a hardworking young girl, so we hope that one day her dream will come true.

Bless turns 14 this month. His father dropped him off at the Home temporarily, 8 years ago, and sadly never came back. Bless enjoys playing football with the other children.

Homeless Orphanage
Credit: David Higgs / TEPA
Homeless Orphanage

What an amazing effort of Love! 11,000 bricks have been made by hand by teenage volunteers for a new permanent orphanage.

Love Button applauds Tom Tuckwood of Venture Force Foundation who visited the area several years ago and witnessed the dire situation and made it his life’s mission to help to provide the orphanage with a new home. Visit their website to learn more.

Love Button is grateful for your generous support this important initiative.

Together, we are healing our world.

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