Shining a Light on the Dark Times

By in Love Transcends

The Love Button Global Movement was able to shine Light into the life of a woman who was struggling through the challenges of unemployment. Emily lost her job on November 8, 2016. A single mother who also suffers from dyslexia, she felt completely and entirely lost. “I can’t stop crying,” she expressed to us. At this previous job, she experienced bullying in the workplace, from name-calling to hateful comments about her physical appearance, age, and disability. Despite this being such a hostile and unhealthy environment, she still longed for the comforts of the employment she once enjoyed. “I don’t know what to do, where to go. I’m numb and so confused,” she wrote.

We reminded her that she had a choice to move forward in a Loving mindset.

When we learned of her story, the Love Button Global Movement felt inspired to show Emily the love that she so desperately needed. We were able to assist her financially, and more importantly, emotionally. We reminded her that she had a choice to move forward in a Loving mindset. We reminded her of her responsibility as a human being to hold a positive and Loving focus, and to be a Light Bearer. Our sweet Emily took this responsibility in full stride. Despite the struggles of having to file for unemployment, working with the labor board, preparing and updating her resume, and worst of all, telling her two sons of her situation, she moved forward in the direction of learning and serving. She trusted that she would find her way.

“You all have been the one thing keeping me positive!” Emily emailed us. “I dig dip spiritually and know that this path may one day help others, my journey walking on such a rocky road but traveled by many before me.” She looked in the face of her fear of being inadequate due to her dyslexia and decide to overcome it anyways – she had courage. Love Button Global Movement helped inspire that courage in this woman who we now proudly call an Ambassador.

With the donation money that we provided her, Emily was able to pay necessary bills and even provide gas money to her sons, so that they could return home to Oklahoma to spend the holidays with their sweet mother. She and her sons wore their Love Buttons with pride, while also being able to give small but very loving donations around their city. She embodied Love Button Global Movement when she left an additional $20 bill and a Love Button for their waitress, who was being mistreated by other patrons. Intoxicated with the joy of giving, she exclaimed “When we did it, it felt like we had left a million dollars!!”

Emily is back looking for jobs, and despite how daunting and intimidating this process is, she is staying positive and hopeful. She is going to continue being the force of change in our world by applying her Loving Light to her community. She is a woman who we are proud to have on our team at Love Button Global Movement. In Emily’s own words, “look at how many people’s lives are touched just by being so kind to a stranger.” Kindness is contagious, and Loving is healing. How can you apply your Light to the world?


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