Uber Driver Goes Above & Beyond to Make Passenger Get Home Safe

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Uber Driver Makes Sure Stranded Passenger Gets Home Safely By Buying Them Hotel Room

An Uber driver named DaVante Williams is getting well-deserved praise for his kindness after he went above and beyond to help a young passenger get home safely.

During one of his shifts, Williams picked up a teenager for an Uber ride and got stuck on an interstate near Washington, D.C. for nearly 6 hours. The overwhelmed passenger was trying to get home to Williamsburg, Virginia — about 150 miles away from their stuck location.

Uber Driver Goes Above & Beyond to Make Passenger Get Home Safe
DeVante Williams / Credit: Fox 5

Originally, the teenage girl was going to take a train, but it was canceled due to a derailment. So, she turned to Uber. Williams explained that she was “very, very emotional” after first having attempted to get home on a canceled train ride, only to become stranded on the highway.

“She would call her mother or call her father here and there to communicate what was going on,” Williams said. “She was overwhelmed, and I totally understood because all she wanted to do was get home.”

Williams made sure to speak to her parents on the phone and let them know that he would take care of their daughter.

Around six hours later, Williams finally found a way to exit the interstate around 7:30 a.m. the next morning. He kept his promise and before he went home, he booked a hotel room for the exhausted young rider so that she could get some sleep and make alternative travel plans.

Williams also offered to drive her the rest of the way home once there was no traffic, at no charge.
In the end, a family friend was able to pick her up and take the young teenager home safely.

An Uber representative later called Williams to thank him for his kindness and to also reimburse him for the hotel room. He was also offered a managing job for Ride Alto, which is an “upscale ride-sourcing service” that operates in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and D.C.

You can watch a clip of an interview Davante did below:


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