96-Year-Old Man Reunites With Lost Love Letter Sent 72 Years Ago

By in Love Letters

While Melissa Fahey and her father, Alan Cook, were doing some home renovation work on a house they own in New Jersey, a letter fell out of a crack in the ceiling.  The letter was addressed to someone named Rolf Christoffersen and was dated May 4, 1945.  From what Fahey could gather, the letter was written by Christoffersen’s wife, Virginia, to him while he was deployed with the Norwegian Navy.  In the heart-wrenching letter, Virginia expressed her deep love for her husband and how she longed for his safe return.  “I love you Rolf, as I love the warm sun, and that is what you are for my life, the sun about which everything else revolves for me,”

Because she was so moved by the letter, Fahey knew she had to find Rolf Christoffersen or at least his surviving family so she could give it to them.  To her surprise, Fahey found Christoffersen’s son living in Santa Barbara, California, along with his 96-year-old father, Rolf.  After presenting them with the letter they never knew existed, the Christoffersen family was overjoyed, particularly since their mother had passed away just six short years earlier.  Discovering the letter was yet another way for them to hold on to Virginia’s love and to be reminded of how dedicated she was to their father and family.


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