Researchers Use Love and Technology to Help Make Music

By in Love Empowers

Love overcomes obstacles and empowers people, no matter the circumstance. The thought of losing motor function is highly terrifying to most people. To lose your independence and the ability to execute day-to-day activities is the first thought on most people’s minds when thinking of such a fate. Can you imagine losing motor ability when you are a highly creative and talented musician, who heavily relies on fine motor movement to speak the language of your soul? Researchers at Plymouth University’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research and the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability in London recognized this loss and decided to challenge fate: they were going to let these musicians play anyway.

With the help of a cap-like device that can read brainwaves, a computer screen, and another musician, some motor-impaired musicians were finally able to create music again. As people who maybe thought they would never be able to express themselves in music again, this revolutionary advancement allowed them intellectual, emotional, and spiritual stimulation. This is love in action, because Love Empowers.

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Photo from Ching/Flickr


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