Surgeon Walks in Blizzard for Patient

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Surgeon Walks in Blizzard for Three Hours to Perform Surgery

When a historical snowstorm descended upon Scotland, the city of Glasgow was brought to a standstill. Whatever the weather, surgeon, Lindsey Chisolm, knew she had to get to the hospital. A patient was waiting for her to perform crucial colon cancer surgery.

surgeon walks in blizzard
Photos: Dr. Chisolm / credit: BBC

Realizing that driving was simply out of the question, Dr. Chisolm piled on the winter gear and set out on foot for the 8-mile journey. Three hours later, she arrived at the hospital to a staff that was absolutely stunned to see her.

“I had the right equipment. I knew there was no avalanche risk. I was not going to get lost, and there were places I could stop on the way if the weather did become absolutely terrible, so I just didn’t think anything of it,” she said.

You can read more about Dr. Chisolm’s amazing journey here


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