Woman Pays for Groceries After Elderly Man Forgets Wallet

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Young Woman Pays for Groceries for Elderly Man and Later Brought to Tears from His Thank You Letter

At a grocery store in Nashua, New Hampshire called the Market Basket, one act of love set off a chain reaction of kindness.

25-year-old Sonya MacMillan was at a grocery store checking out her groceries when she noticed someone nearby was having trouble paying. MacMillan realized the person, an 84-year-old man, had forgotten his wallet.

During an interview with a local news station, the young woman said, “He looked really flustered and he was like ‘oh my god I don’t have my wallet’ as I was cashing out with my groceries. I was like ‘oh you don’t have a lot you can just go on mine and I’ll pay for you.’”

Woman Pays for Groceries for Elderly Man
Sonya MacMillan / Credit: CBS

The elderly man accepted her offer but insisted MacMillan give him her name and address. He wanted to make sure he paid her back for her spur-of-the-moment act of kindness.

A few days later, MacMillian received a letter in the mail from the grateful man. The letter read: “You saved me a lot of trouble my wife was ill and I wanted to get back to her. I’m not very young anymore 84-years-old and it’s not a surprise I left my wallet at home. I shall always remember your kindness.” Enclosed in the envelope was a check for the groceries she had bought him.

Touched by the man’s returned kindness, MacMillian was brought to tears. She has no plans on cashing the check, but the gesture brought a smile to her face.

MacMillian now uses the letter as an everyday reminder to ‘be the reason that someone smiles today.’ She hopes her story inspires others to help those in need when possible.

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