“Worthy of Love” Throws Parties For Homeless Kids

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Charity Called “Worthy of Love” Throws Massive Birthday Parties For Homeless Kids In Downtown Los Angeles

Ever since January 2013, wife Mary Davis and her husband Ari Kadin have been throwing birthday parties for homeless children in Los Angeles. Specifically, a place in downtown Los Angeles known for some of the worst poverty in America called Skid Row.

Worthy of Love
Ari Kadin and Mary Davis / Credit: CBS News

Davis and Kadin created a charity called “Worthy of Love.” They believe every homeless child deserves a birthday party at least once in their lifetime, a privilege many never experience.

The idea first blossomed after Davis experienced two miscarriages. Recovering emotionally from the two tragedies, the couple wanted to give back. They then realized many children in Skid Row needed to feel important and loved. Their monthly birthday parties started off as a way of healing over their losses, but evolved into something greater. It was not about themselves anymore, but about the children.

When Davis and Kadin first started their monthly birthday parties, there were only 15 to 20 kids. Now, hundreds of homeless children take part every month.

The monthly birthday bashes occur on massive rooftops in Skid Row. Davis explained the reason is that these kids can look at the view of the city and feel on top of the world. Each rooftop party also has a special theme of the night, their last one being Dr. Seuss. The children play games, dance, eat, and have fun for one night without having to focus about outside worries.

After the start of their non-profit, Davis and Kadin now have a child of their own. The couple have no plans on stopping and will continue with their monthly tradition. Their little girl will celebrate her first birthday the same place many grateful children do.

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