Young Girl Celebrates Birthday by Spreading Love

By in Love Unites

Love Button Global Movement pushes people to pause their lives to love one another, which is exactly what four-year-old Norah Wood did one day at her local supermarket. According to CNN, on her fourth birthday last month, Norah was at the grocery store buying special birthday cupcakes when she saw a lonely older gentleman. She decided to say hello, calling out “Hi, old person!” and announcing to him that it was her birthday. Love flooded into Dan Peterson’s life in that moment, and 10 minutes later he and Norah had developed a magical bond. A photo and a Facebook post later, the Wood family was connected to Mr. Dan, the 82-year-old, depressed man who had lost his dear wife in March. Despite months of darkness and self-pity, he invited Norah and her mother to his home, which was the start of a relationship full of Love. Mr. Peterson told CNN that Norah “has shown me a depth of love, a depth I didn’t know existed.” Now, Mr. Dan will be joining the Wood family for their Thanksgiving celebration. Because Love Unites.

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