Neighbor Replaces Kid’s Stolen Scooter

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Anonymous Neighbor Buys New Scooter to Replace Kid’s Stolen One

One kindhearted neighbor went out of their way to restore joy to a kid who had his scooter stolen.

A family made a post on Nextdoor, a social networking app that allows neighbors to communicate with each other, that their son’s scooter had been taken. Someone in their neighborhood had seen their post and decided to take matters in their own hands.

Anonymous Neighbor Buys New Scooter to Replace Kid’s Stolen One
Neighbor's Note / Credit: Nextdoor

When the family went outside one day, there was a present waiting for the little boy on their porch. A new scooter was there as a replacement, along with a note that said

“Hey neighbor! I saw on nextdoor that someone stole your scooter. Not cool 🙁 I remember when I was 13 and someone stole my bike and how sad I felt.

That being said, I hope you enjoy this green scooter! 2020 has been crazy enough. I wasn’t about to let someone steal your joy!

Keep your head up little man

-your neighbor.”

The unexpected gift left the family and the little boy overjoyed and thankful.

With no way of knowing who the kind anonymous person was, they immediately updated their post on Nextdoor to thank them. It said:

“THANK YOU SO MUCH WONDERFUL NEIGHBOR. My son couldn’t have a bigger smile on his face this evening because of an unknown neighbor who left this on the porch! This is pure kindness and sucha beautiful way to pay it forward. My son wants to help someone else. Now also! Thank you so much and may wonderful karma spread your way. Happy holidays and cheers to you and 2021!”

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