$100,000 Raised At Car Auction For Family

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Almost $100,000 Were Raised At a Car Auction For Family In Need

An emotional bidding war occurred at an auction in Albera, Canada when an auctioneer told the crowd why a car was being sold.

A few months ago, 3-year-old Liam and 6-year-old Arielle Keryluke tragically lost their parents after a motorcycle incident. A truck had collided into the couple’s motorcycle while they were driving. Grandparents Ben and Marilyn took over custody and now take care of the two children with help from other surrounding family members.

auction for Keryluke family
Keryluke Family / Credit: GoFundMe

Unfortunately, the grandparents lacked enough funds and were forced to auction off their car. Liam and Arielle have hearing impairments, meaning more medical costs were needed on top of the other services Ben and Marilyn could not afford. The family did not want to part with the car, a 1973 Pontiac Parisienne, due to sentimental reasons since their deceased son had been fixing it, but they knew the auction was necessary.

The Pontiac was taken to an auction place where the auctioneer explained it was being sold to benefit the Keryluke family. Once everyone learned about their story, many people decided they had to help.

A chain-reaction of kindness happened. One buyer bought the car at $29,000, only to donate it back to be auctioned off a second time. The Pontiac then sold at $30,000 by a second buyer who also donated it back again. The third buyer got it for $20,000 and later gave it back to Ben and Marilyn so that Arielle and Luke could inherit it when they’re older.

Several people also made individual donations to the family, bringing the total raised to around $100,000.

The Keryluke family were completely overwhelmed by the support. The generosity their community showed went above and beyond what anyone expected.

Thanks to everyone, Liam and Arielle are in good hands.

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