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  • Jul192018

    Love Button Announces Fundraising Campaign #GiveLoveCampaign

    The Love Button Global Movement announced an ambitious vision to launch new programs at the recent retreat in Los Angeles, Calif.

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  • Jul172018
    Worthy of Love

    “Worthy of Love” Throws Parties For Homeless Kids

    Ever since January 2013, Mary Davis and her husband Ari Kadin have been throwing birthday parties for homeless children in Los Angeles.

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  • Jul062018
    50 yard challenge

    50 Yard Challenge For Those In Need

    In early 2016 Rodney Smith was driving when he noticed a man struggling to mow his lawn. Smith got out and helped the gentleman, not realizing it was the start…

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  • Jun192018

    Love Button Joins Forces With ThinkGive

    Love Button Global Movement is pleased to support ThinkGive, a nonprofit organization with a mission to inspire young people to use kindness to engage with their world.

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  • Jun192018
    pets love us

    Do Our Pets Love Us?

    Most of us believe our pets experience emotions. We believe they love us, but is that what they’re really experiencing? How can we know?

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  • Jun192018
    Homeless Orphanage

    Homeless Orphanage Requires a New Home

    Eugemot orphanage in Ghana is a special place, founded by Mama Eugenia, a home for 50 plus orphaned children.

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  • Jun192018
    Changing Lives

    Changing Lives by Lou Harvey-Zahra

    "I am fortunate to be part of an amazing and inspiring humanitarian project to raise money to re-build the Eugemot Orphanage in Ghana as a Love Button Global Ambassador."

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  • Jun182018

    Philly Students #FillTheSteps Against Gun Violence

    Students from the Parkway Center City Middle College hosted their third annual #FillTheSteps movement to raise awareness about gun violence.

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  • Jun082018
    harvard graduate surprises teacher

    Harvard Graduate Surprises Teacher After 21 Years

    At the end of the school year in 1997, sixth-grade teacher Judith Toensing commented on Gilmer's report card. It read: "It has been a joy to have you in class.…

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  • May302018
    homeless youth

    Duo Dedicates Lives Helping Homeless Youth

    A young man named Donald says he is forever grateful for Stephanie Taylor and Marquise Williams for entering his life.

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  • May302018
    hair donation

    Boy Gives Hair Donation For Cancer Patients

    An eight-year-old boy named Austin Duffus has been growing out his hair for charity over the past few years.

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  • May212018
    blood donations

    Millions Saved By One Man’s Blood Donations

    While every blood donation saves multiple lives, James Harrison’s donations go above and beyond the usual standard.

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  • Apr302018
    Love Button Day Celebrated at Lakers

    Love Button Day with the Los Angeles Lakers

    The Lakers celebrated Love Button Day on April 10, 2018 at the Staples Center. We're deeply grateful for Lakers owner and president Jeanie Buss and executive Linda Rambis who kindly…

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  • Apr182018
    20 volunteers save life

    20 Volunteers Save Life with CPR

    When Howard Snitzer (54) collapsed from a massive heart attack outside Don’s Foods in Goodhue, Minnesota, it was more than just his health crisis that was working against him.

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  • Apr182018
    Surgeon walks in blizzard

    Surgeon Walks in Blizzard for Patient

    When a historical snowstorm descended upon Scotland, the city of Glasgow was brought to a standstill. Whatever the weather, surgeon, Lindsey Chisolm, knew she had to get to the hospital.

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