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  • Aug302016
    Walk with Love Featured Image

    Walk with Love

    "Walk with Love" is modified with humility from a Traditional Navajo Prayer by The Old Soul Doctor

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  • Jul132016

    The Rockstars of Your Health: Celebrating Love, Life + Laughing with Dr. Habib Sadeghi – Interview by Tracy Anderson

    If you desire living your happiest and most full life, it is crucial to get to the root of who you are, why you are, how you are, and how…

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  • Mar042016

    Men Save Mother and Child From Sinking SUV

    Four bystanders became local heroes after they dived in to rescue a mother and her toddler who were trapped inside a car which was sinking into a canal in Amsterdam.

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  • Feb152016
    Mother Donates 92 Gallons of Breast Milk after Losing Her Own Child

    Mother Donates 92 Gallons of Breast Milk after Losing Her Own Child

    After Amy Anderson lost her son, Bryson, at 20 weeks gestation, she wanted to help save other babies in his memory.

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  • Feb052016
    Believe in Love - Super Bowl 50 Half Time Performance Love Movement

    Love Button Makes Sweet Music at Super Bowl 50

    With the assistance of Coldplay front man and long-time Love Button supporter, Chris Martin, every musician of YOLA and 75,000 fans we're given a Love Button.

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  • Feb052016

    Love Button Helps Burundi at the United Nations

    It recently came to the attention of the Love Button team that the United Nations (UN) had suspended the voting rights of seventeen countries because of past due membership fees.

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  • Feb052016

    Stephen William Tanner Wins Super Soul Award established the Super Soul Award to honor those who, through their acts of love, inspire others to overcome great challenges or achieve great things. The 2016 Love Button Super…

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  • Jan062016
    CHurch Suprises Pizza Delivery Man with tip

    Church Surprises Pizza Delivery Man with $700 Tip

    Jeff Louis, 22, was overwhelmed by a $700 tip after delivering pizzas to Life Point Church in Mentor, Ohio. What the church didn’t know was that Jeff was struggling with…

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  • Nov042014

    The Miracles All Around Us

    Can Paralysis Be Defeated? As posted recently in a BBC News segment, a paralyzed man walks again after receiving a pioneering therapy that involved transplanting cells from his nasal cavity…

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  • Sep272014

    Bystanders Flip SUV to Save Teens

    Heroic bystanders rushed to the aid of three teens who were trapped in an SUV that landed upside down in Utah’s Jordan River, authorities said. A teen driver, unable to…

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  • Sep242014

    Chain Reaction of Love at Starbuck’s

    A customer at a Starbucks coffee drive-thru window in Florida decided to pay for the order of the driver in the car behind her as a surprise.  This spontaneous act…

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  • Aug062014
    Power of Love

    Love Unplugged: The Power of Love

    Watch this Brilliant commercial reminding us that technology will never replace love! Technology is all around us and our small children, this video is a visual reminder to not forget…

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  • Jul312014
  • Jul152014
    Chris martin lovebutton

    Chris Martin Remembers to Pause & Love on the Streets of Newton

    “A Sky Full Of Stars” is an uplifting song with a beautiful video to accompany it. Colplay’s video is the perfect example of how music can bring people together. It…

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  • May232014
    Coldplay Lovebutton

    A Lovely Encounter With Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin By Laura Slobin Before last week, I only dabbled in Coldplay.  I knew their hits and would turn up my favorites when I’d hear them in the car.  I…

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