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  • Dec102018
    2nd Annual Baskets of Gratitude

    2nd Annual Baskets of Gratitude Recap

    Thank you to the Love Button family for supporting our second annual Baskets of Gratitude event on November 30 in Los Angeles.

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  • Dec062018
    Eugemot Orphanage at Ghana

    Orphanage in Ghana Needs Your Help

    We are almost there! Love Button wanted to provide our supporters with an update on the progress achieved at the Eugemot Orphanage, located in the Upper Volta Region of Ghana.

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  • Nov302018
    Love Button Collaboration Celebrates Mandela

    Love Button Collaboration Celebrates Mandela

    Love Button Global Movement is collaborating with Global Citizen on Dec. 2 in Johannasburg, South Africa to honor Nelson Mandela.

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  • Nov302018
    Love Button Community Event for Fire Survivors

    Love Button Community Event For California Fire Survivors 12/4 in Agoura Hills

    The Love Button Global Movement will be conducting a sharing circle for survivors of the recent California fires to tell their stories, receive encouragement, and begin the healing process.

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  • Nov272018

    A Better Blend

    When two adults come together, bringing their individual children from previous relationships with them into the new union, a host of new challenges arise.

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  • Nov102018
    Love Button Quenches All Fires

    Love Quenches All Fires

    Please join us in sending Love to our sisters and brothers impacted by the California fires

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  • Nov062018
    Pizza Worker delivers 225 miles away

    Worker Drives 225 Miles to Deliver Pizza to Family

    An 18-year-old pizzeria worker went above and beyond the call of duty to deliver a pizza over three and a half hours away.

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  • Oct302018
    Love Button Global Movement Launches an Integrative Medicine Research & Outreach Program

    Love Button Launches New Integrative Medicine Program With Universities and Health Care Institutions

    The Love Button Global Movement Integrative Medicine Research and Outreach Program is grounded in the core belief that love, compassion, and empathy are essential character components for the most successful…

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  • Oct292018
    Baskets of Gratitude

    2nd Annual Baskets of Gratitude 11.11 – Support Local In-need Children with Donations

    In anticipation of Thanksgiving, Love Button will prepare gift baskets for in-need children that will be distributed during the upcoming Holiday Season.

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  • Oct252018
    Love improves health

    Love Rx: 5 Ways Love Improves Health

    For many years, research has shown that experiencing feelings of love, empathy and kindness improves health in many ways.

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  • Oct052018
    community garden feeding those in need

    Community Garden Feeds Those In Need

    A community in Eau Claire, Wisconsin took it upon themselves to give healthy meals for those without any access.

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  • Oct052018
    Parenting Workshop

    Parenting Workshop: Conscious Parent, Vibrant Child

    Please join us on October 13th for a whole kid workshop with rarely talked about topics that make a difference in the life of our children.

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  • Sep232018
    Famous Relationships

    Better Together: Famous relationships that enhanced each other’s life and work

    We’re here to celebrate some of the other great famous relationships from history, the ones that while not ending in tragedy didn’t always catch the eye of Hollywood or end…

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  • Sep232018

    $100,000 Raised At Car Auction For Family

    An emotional bidding war occurred at an auction in Albera, Canada when an auctioneer told the crowd why a car was being sold.

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  • Sep052018
    Underprivileged Children

    Singaporean Grad Dedicates Life to Underprivileged Children

    For most of his life, Daryl Tay imagined a more traditional path for himself. Everything was set, until he volunteered in Thailand after his college graduation.

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